Monday, 5 May 2014

BRING IT unfinished story

It's been a few years since I actually wrote a STORY...My wife is a little disappointed. I know she ponders ...What happened to her gifted hands lover. I thought by now I would have gotten back on track but then I know that the guy with the gifted hands is still there somewhere...I just have to try to find him.  Nevertheless,  my wife made me promise to share the story below...a story I found in my archives. I know since it is unfinished, posting it would remind me that I owe her a STORY..I hope I get back on track soon enough and FINISH THE STORY... So here it is...

A dark night it was, no stars no moon in the sky, everywhere was pitch black except for the murky light that emanated from the solar rechargeable lamp that was placed on the floor. There had been no power supply power supply in Adenike area for the past one year. Adenike area was a student residential area. It was home to many students of LAUTECH. LAUTECH was a non-residential University. Adenike area was very close to the University, a walking distance so it was fathomable that it was a place where students resided. Well one did not need to ask that the area was named after  Adenike hostel, whether ADENIKE hostel was the first hostel in that area or not nobody cared and nobody seemed to bother but no doubt it was among the foremost hostel in the area.
                Hamza turned to face the congregation behind him. ‘Check if there’s anyone outside’ he said. Someone at the rear stood up and checked the surroundings of Darul-Haqq hostel stealthily. Some moments later he came back and whispered into Hamza’s ear ‘No one’. Darul Haqq was the first and Muslim hostel in Adenike area. It was only befitting that it should be named after Darul-Haqq the very early Muslims met in Makkah when Islam was practiced in secrecy. It had produced two leaders of the Muslim Students’ society in the past and Hamza was the third Ameer but Hamza was different he was the first Ameer that was not in his final year. He was in his penultimate year. He was reluctant to accept the position and he could not deny that him not being in his final year was among the reasons but a member of the Shura committee  who was also a lecturer in the school had emboldened him that  the ‘final year factor’ should not make him decline the position.  He had barely resumed office and his regime was facing challenges he had not imagined in his worst nightmares. It was common knowledge that many Muslims where turning apostate to Christianity. He was frustrated at the fact that people were trading Gold for balderdash. His regime had tried to mobilize students to attend more Islamic gatherings were they could learn more about their deen, gatherings where they could learnt to be Muslims by choice and not because they were born into Muslim households but the turnout was always low. The stereotype effect had taken over the Muslims themselves. The idea that whoever became a practicing Muslim was a potential terrorist or better still a Boko haram member in the making. Publicity and mobilization was of little effect so it was decided that a series of comparative lectures be held. The comparative lecture series was a great success, a lot of people who had turned apostate returned to Islam and also there were some new reverts and not to forget it created a lot of  doubts  in the minds if the non- Muslims about  their religion. Ever since the comparative series lecture events Hamza had received lots of threat, sometimes he thought he had not signed up for this when he decided to become Ameer but being threatened by the enemies of Islam was not a new thing to those who tread the path of a Da’ee. He had decided to brace himself for the challenges. He was still thinking of all those trouble when he had got a call earlier in the day

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