Saturday, 7 April 2012


She came into my life, when I needed her the most. When I had lost it all, the trust, the care, emotion.
She taught me that I could trust people again, that I could love and be loved with respect once more. She made me think different to how others would perceive. Whenever  I felt weak, she'd empower me.
Her presence was pleasing and brought peace to my heart. The scenes of the world were colorful now, pure art. She showed me a world I never knew. She encouraged me to ask Allāh, that He would give. So by His Mercy I learnt patience, I learnt to forgive.We'd work together and be strong. Even though our journey was tiresome, and long.But fast forward  and times have changed. The world distracted me. The love didn't increase,it  just conflicted.
“I'm sorry,” I'd say regretfully.
 “Repent to Allāh,” she would reply.
But the love wouldn't rise again and it caused me great pain. Our relationship began to change…
 My heart was greedy, and it wanted more.The gaze wouldn't lower when passers flaunted
 The heart said no, but the desires taunted.The heart covered itself in dirt of black.
 Soon…she left, and didn't come back…
The regret hurt, and loneliness messed my head. I couldnot sleep, I could not rest.I covered the pain with sin. I thought it might remove the pain I was in but it only persisted and increased the desire  to sin more.  So I increased in rebellion but this feeling wouldnot go. I had lost myself.  My regret was overpowered.
I decided to search for her and then I found her with her protector. She stood there waiting to be found, just waiting for me to come around.She missed me too. She still loved me but I couldnot be with her, until I gave her her due.
What is your due, I humbly asked?
“To pray, to obey, and be steadfast
 That's the only way our relationship lasts.”
“To be the friend of Allāh, and think of death often.
 To humble yourself, and do good action.”
“To prepare for that moment, when we all run away
Except the one who prepared for that Day.”
“So fear Allāh and be committed
 To our relationship, so you're admitted…
In the gardens of joy.”

“Don't be the people of hell
the home of destruction, a fire filled cell.”

“Mend your ways now, it's the right thing to do,
 Deep down, you know I care for you…”

I listened attentively, understanding. I was wrong in desiring more.When she was enough for me, when she gave me joy.When she was all I ever wanted, all I ever needed. That smile of that kid, who finds his best toy.The simplicity, the balance, the pact we kept. That's what we wanted – without regret.I asked her Protector, who gave her to me, back. This experience had put me back on track.Except this time I was sure I didn't need to exceed desires for more.The experience gave me fresh strength. The true Joy was in being content.We're now together – together till death.  A promise we've, up till now, kept.
I hope it remains this was cause I love it this way.  Oh Allāh, please don't let us stray from your Mercy and pleasure. Since that's the only way, we'll stay together.Now you know, this was my love story…
This girl, her name was…
īmān*. Except she wasn't a girl, she's my faith – that kept me strong.Īmān is my joy, my love, and pleasure. The one I've tried to find – through many – in Haram, Except this caused the least harm,
 The one I still treasure.

P.S. This was actually a poem which was posted by an anonymous person on MM. I just modified by converting it to a story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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