Wednesday, 4 January 2012


“Dance! Dance, Champ! Dance! ”
“He’s throwing combinations like God put a motor in his body, uppercuts, lefts and rights, whipping that sucker all over the ring!
‘’I’m calling to him: “Dance, Champ! Dance for the little children in orphanages don’t nobody want! Fight for them Champ! You the boss! Dance for the po’ people with no jobs , who got rent to pay! Dance for ‘em, Champ! Stick that sucker! Dance for them winos  sleepin’ in the gutter! For them people who got TB, cancer, for them prisoners locked in jails and ain’t fot no bail! Dance  for ‘em champ! Dance for them dope addicts everybody’s given up on! Dance for little pregnant girls who got  no husbands! Dance for em’ champ! Fight for ‘em! ”
“ Whip them suckers for ‘em! Shoeshine ‘em! Shoeshine ‘em! Fight for them people needin’ welfare, for old people who didn’t get no pension checks!  Dance for ‘em!  Go ‘head, whip that sucker’s…! Have no mercy! Dance for them tired old whores out there hustlin’! For all them lonely people drinkin’ in the taverns! In the pool halls! On the street corners! Dance for the sweepers, little people moppin’ up airport floors, train stations, bus depots, gas station! Fight for ‘em, Champ! For the maids in hotels makin’ up beds, cleanin’ toilets! Whip them suckers! Shorty told them to resurrect you, Shorty told them to dig you up out of the grave! Ain’t no Senators saved you, ain’t no Governors saved you, ain’t no President saved you! Ain’t no bankers saved you! Them people out there saved you. Them  people out there puttin’ new blood in your veins! Stick that sucker in front of you! Them people out there puttin’ new blood in your veins! Stick that sucker in front of you! Stick him all night long! Can’t nobody whip Muhammad Ali but Cassius Clay, and he ain’t here tonight! Dance, Champ, dance!”
The above words were what Bundini (one of Muhammad Ali’s aides) told the Champ in one of his first fights after his exile for not joining the US army in the Viet-Nam war. Though I do not agree with Bundini on calling God shorty and also for some people he said the Champ should dance for but I pretty much agree with the rest  except that I want to add a few.
‘Dance for em’ masses who don’t know the meaning of fuel subsidy removal  except that  they know life might just get really hard, Dance for em’ worrying and aging sisters who ain’t married yet, Dance for ‘em  students who got admission but got no money for tuition, Dance for them Champ! Dance! Dance for ‘em brothers who have tried hard to get married but hasn’t got someone to say YES or money is hindering them, Dance for ‘em strangers who want to be changers but the world puts in danger. Whip them suckers for ‘em, Dance for ‘em Champ Dance for ‘em lonely single mothers who want to fall in love again ”  but wait a minute they ain’t no champ I can tell  so who will dance for us? 

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